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上海 硕士,本科 若干
2018-09-25 11:17:21
Job Responsibilities The Engineering Development Program is Air Products’ graduate training and development program. Its purpose is to develop Air Products’ future engineers, managers and leaders by providing opportunities for fresh graduates (EDP engineers) to learn the Company’s business, products, technologies and operating methods in their early careers through a series of rotational assignments. 1.The EDP engineer will fulfill 3 x 8 months assignments in different groups within Manufacturing Proposal, Planning and Production, Manufacturing Project Execution, Manufacturing Quality, and Manufacturing CI. The locations for these assignments is at Air Products Asia Manufacturing, Caojing, Shanghai. 2.Every EDP engineer is assigned a senior manager as a mentor to guide and advise them as they progress through the program. 3.For each assignment, the specific learning, project-related objectives and job description will be discussed, agreed and commented at the beginning between EDP and the assignment manager. The emphasis for each assignment will be on on-the-job training. 4.The EDP engineer is encouraged to seek advice, coaching and support from their colleagues. Requirements 1.Recent postgraduate, with bachelor or master’s degree in engineering ; 2.Excellent English skills, both written and oral; skillful in use of PC software tools; 3.Open, proactive and willing to learn.
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